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E-liquid has a variety of identities - you'll often hear it referred to as either e-juice, e-cig liquid, vape liquid, vape juice or even e-cigarette liquid - All of these names mean exactly the same thing.

The main ingredients in e-cigarette liquids tend to be Propylene Glycol, as well as Nicotine. The very special flavouring is then added to give the vapour the delicious taste the e-cig is famed for. The vapour itself is caused by the Propylene Glycol, and is the reason that using e-cigarettes gives a very similar aesthetic experience to traditionally smoking.

We stock a huge range of e-liquid on this website, and it's one of the most comprehensive lists you could imagine. All of the incredible flavours are sold in 10 ml bottles and include UK free delivery.

When choosing which vape juice to go for, you should consider personal preferences, as well as how often you smoke and the strength of the hit you're used to. Certain types of traditional cigarettes contain more nicotine than others, so you're going to want to select carefully. All of our e-liquids, both the flavoured and those based on tobacco products can be chosen based on the strength and dosage you require. If you were a heavy smoker, you might want a higher strength and capacity - but again, this depends on individual needs.

Does Vape Juice Produce Smoke?

The actual vapour itself is produced when the liquid burns inside the electronic cigarette. Traditional cigarettes produce smoke, as opposed to vapour and that's why they're more harmful.

How Do You Feel When You Inhale E-Liquid?

E-cigarettes make the ideal alternative to normal cigarettes, hence why so many people have already made the switch. This is because you expierce exactly the same throat hit, but without the bad chemicals, taste and breathing issues that were previously associated with traditional cigarettes.

What Will I Taste?

As mentioned, we stock a varied range of vape liquid in a variety of different flavours. You can choose to stick to familiar flavours of tobacco, or explore new horizons with fruit flavours, drink flavours or even more bespoke ones like ice cream!

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