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Liquid eCig Uk is a leading provider in e-cigarettes, e-liquid and e-cig accessories in the UK. We offer great value on eGo e-Cig and Aspire e-Cig and have different models available to suit our customers needs. We bring our customers the best e-cigarettes with the latest groundbreaking technology. We have electronic cigarettes for beginners and experienced vapers, always keeping the highest standards of quality and service in mind. Of course, as you can always buy your batteries, clearomizers and accessories separately from us, you may not require a full kit. However, we offer plenty if you would like to take advantage. We aim to please and therefore have a huge selection of great tasting e-cigarette liquids available in four different strengths. All e-cigarette starter kits include free UK delivery!

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An electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that allows users to simulate traditional smoking methods. Less common names that you may hear include 'electronic nicotine delivery system', 'personal vaporiser' and 'electric vaping device'.

Each electronic cigarette contains an atomizer, some e-liquid, and a battery. The battery heats up the atomiser, which produces a vapour, this is usually flavoured and looks like smoke. E-liquids are typically a combination of nictine, flavouring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

The origins of e-cigs can be traced as far back as 1963, when a Mr Herbert A Gilbert patented a similar device. Back then, it was described as a 'smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette'. We don't know why it didn't catch on back then, but now that we're all more aware of the dangers of traditional smoking, the e-cigarette is able to flourish. It was in 2003, Beijing, China, the first e-cigarette as we know it today was developed. A man named Hon Lik reportedly invented the device after being affected by the death of his father - who had sadly died from lung cancer. Clearly, he wanted to devise a suitable alternative with less risks.

Although there are plenty of instantly recognisable reasons to use e-cigs, it's worth noting that medical professionals are currently debating the benefits and risks of using e-cigarettes. They are still relatively new and their long term health concerns (if any) are as yet unknown. As with anything, it's best to use your e-cig in moderation, and if you were never a smoker to begin with, perhaps it's best to leave them to those who just want to switch.

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